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About Us

Strum Consulting began operations in early 1995. Located in Bedford, Nova Scotia, Bruce Strum founded the company after identifying a niche for environmental consulting of domestic oil spills. At that time, Strum Environmental (as we were known then) catered to a host of insurance companies and developed strong relationships with individual clients and guided them through the technically demanding, as well as sensitive, process of a domestic oil spill clean-up.

Within a few years, the Company diversified other services including Phase I, II and III Environmental Site Assessments (ESA), Underground Storage Tank (UST) Assessments, Remediation (Phase IV), Risk Management, Auditing, and Environmental Management Systems (EMS). Increasingly, Strum Environmental fostered the capabilities to service commercial, institutional, industry, and government clients in a range of environmental service areas with the same thoroughness, personal client relationships, and technically sound, cost-effective solutions that were first established with Strum's original insurance clients.

The last two years have been a period of significant growth at Strum.  In order to meet the ongoing demands of our clients, we were required to grow and add additional services to our Company.  We began to offer Civil Engineering services, and Land Development services.  We also acquired a Survey and Engineering consulting firm (HJS Consultants Ltd) to the Strum family and began to provide legal land surveys, construction surveying and land development to our existing and new clients.  Even through this period of growth and expansion, the focus was always on adding new complimentary services to better meet our client’s needs.  To increase the awareness of our broader capabilities and services, we also recently underwent a name change. The change from Strum Environmental to Strum Consulting is a reflection of the broad range of services we now offer.

We also took the historic step of opening up the ownership of Strum, to include a larger number of Shareholders who are also senior leaders within our organization. By broadening the ownership to the current six shareholders, we now have created a Company that has a strong and diverse leadership to create a sustainable corporate structure for our continued long term growth and success.

Today, Strum Consulting has grown to 42 employees and with the intention of growing further in the coming years. Our staff team is multi-disciplinary, consisting of certified site professionals (certified across Atlantic Canada), engineers, geologists and hydrogeologists, biologists, technologists, legal land surveyors, and masters level environmental specialists.

Even with our current success and growth, Strum Consulting has never lost sight of what made the company so successful in its early years: communicating solutions effectively to clients and ensuring their involvement and comfort throughout the process.