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About Us

Northern Shield Resources Inc. (TSXV: NRN) is a Canadian-based mineral exploration company previously focused on exploring for platinum group element (PGE) and Noril’sk style nickel-copper-PGE deposits in under-explored regions of Canada, primarily in the Labrador Trough of Northern Quebec.

The Company has taken the initiative to conduct much of its exploration in under-explored areas using a scientific, model-driven approach and has become known around the world as a leader in grass roots exploration for PGEs and the understanding of magmatic systems as it applies to exploration.

Northern Shield is led by Ian Bliss, President and CEO and Christine Vaillancourt, Chief Geologist. Under their guidance, Northern Shield has become known around the world as a leader in grass roots exploration for Ni-Cu-PGEs and the understanding of magmatic systems as it applies to exploration.  Northern Shield has not only championed the use of simple geochemistry as a compelling exploration tool for PGEs but view it as a “risk reducer” in early stage exploration for both investors and explorationists alike. Geochemical vectoring was successfully used at Idefix and lead to the discovery at Huckleberry.

Shot Rock (Au) Nova Scotia

In 2018 Northern Shield confirmed the discovery of a low sulphidation epithermal system in outcrop at the Shot Rock Property. This is the first time that this style of gold mineralization has been identified in Nova Scotia. The maiden drill program on the property, completed in March 20200, includes grades up to 22.1 g/t Au over 0.4 m. The mineralization is found within quartz veining exhibiting textures and mineralogy consistent with those from known epithermal systems. Textures observed include crustiform banding, colloform banding and bladed calcite pseudomorphed by quartz, comb texture and other void fillings.

Low sulphidation deposits are highly prized for their potential to host “bonanza” grades of gold and silver.


The Shot Rock Property is currently composed of 35 mining licenses units staked under the terms of the Mineral Resources Act of Nova Scotia and represents a total area of around 300 square km. It is located along the Trans-Canada Highway between New Glasgow and Antigonish in Nova Scotia. A railway and power lines also cross the property.

Five Islands Parrsboro (Au) Nova Scotia

Seabourne’s Five Islands, Parrsboro and Shot Rock properties all fall along the east-west trending, Cobequid-Chedabucto Fault Zone. The CCFZ is approximately 25 km wide and consists of a system of major, crustal scale, transform faults that essentially divide Nova Scotia in half and serve as a terrane boundary for the Avalon Terrane to the north and the Meguma Terrane to the south. The CCFZ is the most dominant structural and geological feature in the province and has a prolonged history. Evidence suggests it was active as far back as the early Paleozoic and also strongly deforms rocks of Triassic and Cretaceous age.

The CCFZ is host to numerous occurrences and small deposits of Fe-oxide, Cu, Co, Au, Ba and Pb-Zn but has only recently been recognized for its IOCG and related deposit type potential. What little exploration that has occurred regarding IOCG has largely focused on the southern boundary of the CCFZ. Seabourne believes that second or third order structures within the CCFZ may be more important for controlling mineralization.