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About Us

Founded in Ontario, Canada in 1960, Golder extends across Canada and throughout the US — with more than 3,500 staff and nearly 80 offices stretching coast to coast. Our core capabilities in ground engineering and environmental-related services address the myriad of our clients’ technical issues and business efficiency expectations.

Most importantly, Golder’s culture of continuous knowledge development and sharing affords our North American clients with access to the best possible thinking from all corners of our global organization.

Manufacturing, energy, and natural resource clients count on us for our nimbleness and collaboration in helping them to respond to and capitalize on changing technology, market, and business conditions.

At Golder, we work to find sustainable solutions for businesses that span a range of services and face a multitude of challenges — from the extraction of finite resources to energy and water supply and management, and from waste management to modernizing transportation and infrastructure and adapting to the impacts of climate change.

As complex infrastructure projects and high-value manufacturing processes become more prevalent, clients rely not only on our technical expertise and innovative approaches, but also seek our extensive knowledge of regulatory requirements, and understanding of the larger political, social, environmental and economic contexts in which these businesses operate.

Our heritage is linked inextricably to the last half century of North American history. Throughout this constantly evolving landscape, Golder has remained a relevant and important service provider, enabling business growth, stewarding the environment, and creating a strong foundation for the future.