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About Us

Cultural Resource Management (CRM) Group Limited is an independent consultancy based in Nova Scotia which specializes in archaeological assessment, heritage resource planning, cultural heritage conservation, and site interpretation & development. Incorporated in 1998, CRM Group provides independent archaeological and heritage consulting service to public and private sector clients across Canada.

Since many of our projects have been directly linked to broader planning and/or environmental studies, CRM Group staff have developed a keen awareness of the methodologies and issues associated with a multi-disciplinary approach to problem solving. Consequently, the team has successfully integrated cultural heritage concerns into a variety of complex and wide ranging planning studies.

Through the use of in-house staff and associates, CRM Group offers consulting services on a regional and national basis. Consequently, CRM Group maintains a strong network of regulatory and professional contacts developed while working in both the public and private sectors across the country.

In its design of management strategies, CRM Group recognizes and respects the personal and/or spiritual relationship that many people feel for cultural heritage sites. This sensitivity is reflected in the open and consultative approach with which we seek to include the public in the planning and management of their heritage resources.